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riku_chan is an nineteen year old girl that has many aliases: misa, envy, zeki, ophelia. She attends Washington State University and is currently a computer science major. She used to really be in to web design and is just starting up again so forgive the crappy layout. Her Birthday is June 3rd and thus her lucky number is three. She is also a big anime fan, her absolute favorite series is Death Note.
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[Tuesday the 24th of July, 2007 @ 11:09am]
Finished reading Harry Potter last night. Real life had kept me from reading for a couple days.

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Friends Only [Sunday the 6th of May, 2007 @ 8:30pm]

This journal is friends only. Please comment if you would like to be added as a friend.


friends only! :D [Thursday the 1st of September, 2005 @ 3:08pm]

add me.
comment to be added.

colorbars; [Thursday the 11th of August, 2005 @ 8:06pm]
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Please ignore this post, it is for my userinfo.

blog crews; [Thursday the 11th of August, 2005 @ 7:37pm]
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just ignore this post, it's for my userinfo

new AIM name [Thursday the 21st of July, 2005 @ 11:41am]
Zeki has a new AIM screen name:

Proud Antagonist

So add me and IM me and I'll add you back. My buddy list is virtually empty So I need more friends :D So yeah...IM me...now~!

(If I'm not on you can jsut leave a comment with your SN and I'll add you)

[Wednesday the 15th of September, 2004 @ 3:03pm]
[ mood | discontent ]

So I've decided in fact that I will post ^_^ YAY :D

We had our first Drama club meeting and we found out what our fall show is going to be this year...House on Mango Street

I'm SO upset. We read that book last year in english. I hated it. I'm sure that I'll still end up auditioning though.

Classes aren't getting any better. All I do first period is play tetris, I'm getting pretty good at it though.Both livejournal and the VAA are blocked on the school computers ;__; actually pretty much anything worth doing in blocked. Stupid school.

I made a new friend though. She moved here from taiwan, she went a european school there. She's really funny lol. At lunch one day she was like "so when does it get cold enough for you to eat inside" And so I told her "never" then the next day she brought two sweatshirts to wear at lunch. It was funny xP Seattle's great the high this week is 65 I think. Yay! lol. Cold is good. :D


is it just me? [Saturday the 10th of July, 2004 @ 6:49pm]
[ mood | confused ]

...wow there are some SAD lj comunities. I was browsing them because I'm bored and have no life and I came across this anti-azril icon community, very sad. The disscusions pretty much go like this, "man arvil sux j00 knw" "yea she shuld jus go di!! id liek to c her di!!!1" o.0; Yes I dislike Avril. Yes I can capitilize and use apostophes.

Then I found another community (because I like to torture myself) _kool_losers_ where they judge whether you're a 'kool' enough loser based on answers to such profound questions as: what is your favorite shoe brand? and you views on vegitatians.


EDIT My Application /EDIT

Well at least I feel better now, and wasted like fifteen minutes. Plus my brother says he's figured out how to make the microphone work downstairs, thought I truly doubt it. It would be great if it did though hehe.

You know I didn't understand this song at first, I was like "walla walla? what the crap?" then I realised that's where our states maximum security prison is hehe, or as our health teacher put it "where you become someone else bitch."

Yeah, that was a good class.


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